ASUS Eee PC 1000HA 10-Inch Netbook: Nice Mini Notebook

ASUS has launched their nice mini laptops and one of them is named ASUS Eee PC 1000HA 10-Inch Netbook recently. It is a nice mini notebook that has 10 inches wide in screen. There are also available the same mini notebooks in kinds of size and different prices. This laptop is completed by the most recent processor called; 1.6 GHz Atom that uses a new hafnium-infused circuitry that controls the electric current leakage in its transistor, thereby reducing energy consumption. It is well powered by Windows that enable you to use it till 7 hours. You can please while operating the notebook because it has ASUS’s exclusive super hybrid engine for the automatic detection and adjustments of frequency, voltage and LCD brightness. It is so special because can reduce the noise and power consumption.

This kind of mini notebook has three pounds in weight; it makes it very portable to be brought wherever you will go and get online whenever you need. It is more special than others because completed by 160 GB hard disk drive, 1.3 mega pixel web cameras, 1 GB Ram and a 54 G Wi-Fi for your internet needs. 

Your work will be more pleasure because it has pre-installed Microsoft Windows XP Home Operating System, and kinds of other applications. The ASUS mini laptop is really special; it has elegance design of case and cover using the cutting-edge infusion casing technology that is anti scratch. It will really be the best choice of compact PC, have it and make simple your work.

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