ASUS Eee PC 900HA 8.9-Inch Netbook Black (Review)

Executive Summary about Comparison to Acer Aspire One by Michael Morgan

I have the Acer Aspire One and the Asus 900HA and have installed memory upgrades on both. Although they are very similar (Atom processor, 160GB HD, 8.9″ screen, 1GB RAM installed, Windows XP Home, etc) there are important differences worth mentioning.

(1) Size and weight: Asus wins here. 4-cell Asus is about 1″ narrower in both width and height and a little lighter than the 6-cell Acer (the 1″ height difference is due to the protruding battery from the back of the Acer).

(2) Screen brightness: Acer wins here. Also the default Windows icons are much larger on the Asus (icon size can be adjusted using Windows).

(3) Upgrading: Asus wins big here. Remove a bottom panel with two screws from the Asus and you can easily swap out the single 1GB memory module for a 2GB module that costs about $30. The Acer is another story. Some genius at Acer decided to solder 512MB onto the motherboard, thus limiting the max memory to 1.5GB.

(4) Keyboard and touch pad: Acer wins big here. The reason the Acer is about 1″ wider is due to a wider keyboard. The Acer touchpad is unbelievably smooth to the touch although the buttons are located to the sides (allowing larger keyboard). The Asus touchpad is a little larger but rougher finish with conventional button locations below the pad.

(5) Battery life: Acer big 6 cell, Asus smaller 4 cell but the brighter screen on the Acer may negate some of that advantage. The Asus has cheaper looking power and mouse buttons but a nice glossy black external finish.

Summary: Acer wins in quality of screen, keyboard, touch pad and fit and finish. Asus wins in smaller size and lighter weight and wins big in ease to upgrade memory or hard drive.

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