Netbook Completed by 3G from AT&T

acer-aspire-one-aoa150-1784-89-inch-netbook-blueIt is good news from AT&T that it will launch its newest netbook completed by 3G. As what informed, Atlanta and Philadelphia are the first countries chosen by AT&T to market the product for the first time.

A built-in 3G wireless is installed in the one of AT&T products. You can get a great offer of AT&T that you will get such great technology netbook from 49.99 dollars if you purchase it in a package with ‘Internet at Home and On the Go’. This kind of netbook completed by 3G is very popular in Europe now.

You know that the ‘internet at home and on the go’ packaging gives so much great offer; you can access the fastest internet connection through the 3G feature with about twenty thousands AT&T hot spots of the largest national WiFi internet that can be accessed as unlimited domestic, only in 59.95 per month of cashes.  

It is easy to find the newest netbook in AT&T stores such as Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12, LG Xenia and Acer Aspire One.

The packaging of the AT&T netbook and ‘internet at home and in the go‘ will cost between 49.99 and 249.99 bucks. The package consists of AT&T Data Connect plan and AT&T Fast Access DSL that will spend 59.95 bucks each month. Or you can also another option of the mini laptop without any set in cost between 449.99 and 599.99 dollars.

If you desire to buy the tiny laptop with only a two-year AT&T Data Connect plan, it will cost only between 99.99 and 349.99 dollars. There are kinds of option about the packaging; it can be fitted on the needs of consumers. It offers two kinds of mobile Data Connect that can be included in the packages, they are the 200MB plan for 40 dollars each month and 5 GB plan for 60 dollars each month. So, the choice depends on the consumers.

A mini laptop completed by built-in 3G branded Lenovo X200 packaged with Internet at home and on the go is an award winning; it is an extra portable laptop that is cost for 749.99 dollars. Second option is a packaging with a two-year Data Connect plan; it is cost 849.99 dollars

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