Mini 11 Netbook Information of Leaked Dell Internal Product Roadmap


Today, it has been around us; an issue about a discussing of Dell over their Mini 11 Netbook product secretly. You know? The product completed by Mini 9 Hackintosh OS X is a great one; you will see that the product you know now is going to be popular next time.

In fact, this is a very secret document of Dell that was leak as news of netbooks. You can see in the picture about the mini product roadmap of Dell, it looked to ‘media accessing’ to ‘laptop using’ that is made function as Mini 11.

It is great that Mini 11 provides Vista inside, the 3G fast internet accesses, and the newest Intel Atom Processor. Those features will full your days with funs through the 11.6 inches HD screen. So, get the full of cheers days by purchasing it on $500 only; of course, when the great gadget has been launched, because this is only a leaked issue from an unfinished power point presentation in the company.

Via: Engadget

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