Netbook Computer Buyers Guide For Small Laptop Computers

msi-u100-vogue-netbookNetbook is one of the great breakthrough innovations in mobile computing industry. Mostly the small laptops are more preferable for the new first time buyer since the prices are commonly cheaper. Users who consider about the powers may find the smaller laptops are lighter and cost less power. They also like it because these small laptops still have the same full keyboards just like the common regular notebook. There are heaps of small or big notebooks available in the market and it’s becoming more difficult to select the one that match with us. however choosing one of them might also depended to our need for instance a 17 inches screen might be preferable for those seeking for multimedia experience since it provides larger and better picture quality than the 7 inches ones.

The most important factor in selecting the notebook perhaps is the price. The cheaper notebook commonly offers modest specifications. Perhaps it’s worth to spend the money for a notebook that will surely meet all your computing needs, if you need to run the notebook for simple tasks like web surfing, word processing or others then the machine of cheaper notebook can be the best choice, but if you need to execute the more hard core-high resolution-gaming programs or running Windows Vista then you’re suggested to select the high end models. If you need to get a good deal then you’re suggested to pay your attention to each product details like the size, disk storage, battery, extra features or others.


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There are several things you need to consider before you decide to buy small sized netbook. When you order a 7 inches screen then it means that you may have it more or less 10 inches total length and size. The netbooks can easily be put in the school bag or even a hand bag while the larger netbook will like not fit it but it nearly as the same size as full sized laptop. Netbooks are commonly designed lighter and easy to carry and if you buy it then you must consider that when you buy a netbook with a battery inserted within then the netbook’s weight will be increased. It will do the same thing when more accessories or features of the machine are added on the netbook.

Before you buy a netbook, it’s also wise to have a bit of technical knowledge about the netbook and the first thing we need to know is about the operating system since this is critical part where all the system of computer works. Most computers commonly used Microsoft Windows. Generally the netbooks run with only Windows XP and if you need to have Windows Vista operating system for your netbook then it must be very difficult to find one particularly on the lower end. Having Windows for you netbook means you need to spend more money even if the Windows is bundled in the package. Choosing a Linux might be a good idea since Linux is available pre-installed in common netbooks. Using Linux is free of charge and you can do almost all same ways like you do with Windows like surf on the web and others. Since Linux is free therefore many big corporate choose it to run the website or other large scale of projects since it runs faster for common hardware. The downside of Linux is that you may not execute some popular gaming programs. Most netbooks are not designed for gaming anyway and Linux takes this benefit after all.

The next things you should consider before you decide to buy a netbook is the data storage space options. Most computers use the Hard Drive or known with HD that provides us a wider capacity of storage space. Hard drive must be the best option if you need to more than 10GB storage space for your data. The downside is the hard drive is heavier since it contains many small moving parts that when it dropped or bumped then it can easily be broken. Internal memory which is known as Solid State Drive or SSD might be an alternative for those who have higher mobility and require little storage space to keep the data. SSD commonly offers 4 to 8GB storage space capacity, when you need larger capacity means that it costs more expensive. For common usage 4GB would be enough for most users. The advantages of SSD are that it’s hardly broken and may increase the data access, the disadvantage is that it will gradually slow down after a few years if usage and will finally fail. Hard drive might lasts for many years or on the other hand last within only a month.

RAM or known as Random Access Memory is the place where all information about running programs is stored in the computer. When your computer is running out of RAM it result poorer computer performance. Low end netbooks which provides only 64MB is much too small to run any possible programs. Most laptops offer between 512 up to 1GB RAM, for most cases 512MB would be enough or in fact simple usage will only require 256MB. It’s all depended on your need anyway if you need to run many programs in the same time then you absolutely need memory.

Battery is also another thing we must consider about when we buy a netbook. Battery is measured in milliampere per hours. netbook is designed for mobile computing where there might not be a chance for you to recharge the power. It means that knowing about the battery is important. Commonly the battery will provide runtime powers for at least two hours. For longer runtime operation you can turn off the volume or screen brightness.

Most netbooks offer extra features like webcams, Bluetooth, extra wireless card or many others. If you have a very tight budget and don’t really need these features then you don’t have to bother about those features. There are some chances for you to buy and add those extra features later once you have more money.

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