HP Mini 1035NR 10.2-Inch Netbook – 3 Cell Battery: Light Weight Netbook

hp-mini-1035nr-102-inch-netbookAs many other netbook looks, the HP Mini 1035NR 10.2 Inch Netbook has small appearance, light weight and some eye catching colors. These factors, as we known, are dedicated to the new users. The new users are considered as the most potential market for the vendor’s products. These buyers don’t really care about the netbook specifications but they mostly only consider the look.

The HP mini 1035 NR uses the 10.2 LCD screen. This netbook uses the Intel Atom Processor N270 with the 512 kilo bytes L2 cache, and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. They use 1024 mega bytes DDR2 memories –such a speed, right? The hard drive is a little bit smaller then the other netbook type. It has only 60 giga bytes capacity. The best thing of HP Mini 1035NR is that you could do some video streaming and some business online. The size is so small, slim, and light weight that gives you the chance to have a very mobile activity. This 1035NR netbook has the best WIFI connection on its class. But like the others, it doesn’t have some optical drives, unless you put an external drive by your self. This stuff also completed with the other features such as the 2-in-1 integrated media reader for secure digital cards, and multi media card hard drive.
hp-mini-1035nr-102-inch-netbook-keyboardThe keyboard was made beautifully so that you can enjoy your typing session. The track pad is also perfect, with high responsive touch in the wide surface of the track pad. They also put the built in web camera, some good speakers and microphone. But it has a lack side with the short battery life –only two hours. Well, for some serious working session, 2 hours would be a very short time. It would be so bothered if every two hour you have to plug in the charger, and then unplug it again –over and over. But for you who want to have some stylish netbook, this one is really perfect for you. Small, slim, light weight and the Hewlett Packard brand are something that surely could bring your pride up. To have a little bit show-off session in front of your friends? This could be the perfect stuff for it.

You can buy HP Mini 1035NR 10.2 Inch netbook from $335


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