HP Mini 110-1030NR: Cheap Netbook with Nice Performance

hp-mini-110-1030nr-coverYes, HP Mini 110-1030 NR netbook is a cheap netbook. If you need a netbook for browsing internet or doing your job, but, you just have limited budget, you might need to look little bit down to the netbook in $300 class. This class can give you great product that can facilitate all your need, if it just browsing the internet, type or calculating, listening music and watch movie. And one of that many choices that you can choose is HP mini 110-1030NR. hp-mini-110-1030nr-openThis HP Mini netbook only have 10.1 inch screen, which is enough for your need. But, it’s feeling not wide enough for watching movie. But, if you want to get the netbook that easily to carried, this product is your best choice. It only has weight just 2.89 lbs.  It also equipped with 160 GB data storage, 1 GB RAM and Intel Atom Processor. The USB and wireless also added to this product, it can be used for browsing internet like what you need.

For the price, like mentioned above, HP Mini 110-1030NR has price from $329 to $349, it’s depend on the store where you buy it. Just choose the trustworthy store and the price that suitable with your budget. But, overall, this is a great choice if you want to get cheap Netbook with nice performance and feature.

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