MSI Wind U120-024US 10-Inch White, The Ultimate Netbook

msi-wind-u120-024us-10-inch-white-standThe fashion laptop doesn’t give you any satisfactions anymore? Are you tired of being so restricted to do some works on? Your works demand some better device to make it succeed. If the condition has become that way, maybe its time your should turn your face on this: The MSI Wind Netbook U120-024US. This netbook surely gives you the opportunity to do some much more complicated works. The larger screen allows you to do some editing pictures with better view to the details. The large hard drive capacity also allows you to store some huge sized data or pictures. Not as other typical netbook, this netbook has wider screen -10 inches screen and a big capacity hard drive -160 giga bytes. This surely allows you to store some data, pictures, or even store some movies. Such a big hard drive for small laptop, isn’t it? But this is the real benefit that the MSI offers to you. One giant hard drive in the small netbook.msi-wind-u120-024us-10-inch-whiteThe connection system in this netbook is using the wireless G which is sufficient for about 99.9% of wireless users. They (the vendors) don’t use the wireless N even though the wireless N is the latest and grates connection right now. Maybe, for the considerations, there is no much hotspots area that provides the wireless N connections. This netbook uses Intel Atom as the main processors which are designed to extend the battery life by using less power. These are the following specification of this netbook. The Screen is 10 inches wide. It uses the 1 giga bytes RAM which can be extended into 2 giga bites RAM. It has 160 giga bytes hard drive. It also completed with 1.3 mega pixel built in camera.  It also has some card readers. The Intel Atom 1.66 mega Hertz in the main processor in this netbook.

Well. As it was mentioned above, this isn’t the common netbook as other vendors made. The benefit of using this netbook is that you could safe your data in the mass storage that support by the 160 giga bytes hard drive. For such price –the price was more less the same as the other netbook – the capacity of the hard drives surly one certain benefit. Normally, this big capacity hard drive was only in the regular laptop, but in this case, with the price of a netbook, you could have a netbook with the hard drive of a laptop. Well, if you are not only looking for some style, this is the other option for you. When saving data, pictures and video are something that you frequently do, this is also your option. The small shape would still make it so handy and stylish, but considering the large capacity, the hard work wasn’t impossible either. Well, after so much consideration, what would you decide? Buy some new fancy netbook with some lack ness? OR maybe you want to have some small netbook with huge capability of data storage? If you choose the second, this netbook really suit your demand.

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