The Pinky Sony VAIO VPC W111XX-P 10.1 Inch for the Girls

sony-vaio-vpc-w111xx-p-101inch-frontAs one of the most famous players in the computer and laptop business, the Sony VAIO has decided to release the excellent sony vaio vpc-w111xx/p 10 inch laptop. With the 10.1 inches screen and the pink color of the casing, this would be the perfect laptop for some ladies. Here is the short review so they may learn something about sony vaio vpc-w111xx-p 10″ netbook before they decided to buy it. This little beauty laptop is only has the 7.1 x 10.5 x 1.3 inches dimension. It is also only 2.6 pounds weighted.
The sony vaio vpc-w111xx/p uses the 1.66 GHZ Intel N280 Atom processor inside. It uses the 160 gyga bytes hard disc drive capacity, and 1 gyga bytes pre-installed RAM. With the 10.1 LCD screen that completed by the XBRITE-ECO technology and LED backlight, plus the Integrated MOTION EYE camera and microphone, and also the built in A2DP Bluetooth technology, this laptop would be the perfect kinds of fashion netbooks for ladies that somehow was the excellent working ability.

Unfortunately, it you wish for a laptop that has a ling battery life, this isn’t the best laptop for you. With only up to 2 hour battery life, this minilaptop would be a little bit behind than the other competitors in the same class. Well, the choice is yours anyway. All that you need to do is just compare and decide which one is the best for you.

You can get more informations or buy Sony Vaio VPC-W111XX-P Pink Netbook for only $499.99sony-vaio-vpc-w111xx-p-101inch-button

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