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ARCHOS 10 10.2-Inch Netbook with 6 Cell Battery

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

ARCHOS 10 10.2-Inch Netbook with 6 cell battery is small, light and functional, the ARCHOS 10 is a 10-Inch screen mini laptop that offers a full suite of software and direct access to content which makes it ready to go. ARCHOS 10 10.2-Inch with an ultra-thin design, a high resolution 10.2-Inch screen, 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive, Intel Atom 1.6 CPU and 6 cell battery making it the perfect product for on the go computing.

The Archos 10 is apparently powered by a 6 cell rechargeable battery and runs the Windows XP Home Edition operating system. Other features include several connectivity options (also quite common in the case of netbooks) such as RJ-45 LAN (Ethernet) connector, VGA output, three USB ports, memory card reader and a Kensington slot.

ARCHOS 10 10.2-Inch Netbook powered by a 6 cell rechargeable battery include $100 work of apps for this ARCHOS 10 10.2-Inch machine, including Lotus Symphony, Working Suite, XN View photo editor, Vtuner Web Radio & TV Player, BitDefender Antivirus 209 and Parental Filter (with the full version free for the first six months). ARCHOS 10 10.2-Inch is also throwing in $50 of Archos Media Club movies and five free songs (so long as it’s the first time you’re signing up and you give your credit card information). Finally, the company is offering a free music download every day from eMusic—a good start for those who want a netbook for entertainment purposes.