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Bigger Netbooks with Longer-lasting batteries from Acer

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

161-acer-aspire-timeline-1_slideA press event which held at New Jersey’s Liberty Science Center last Tuesday evening has been the place where Acer first announces the collection of their new systems. The CEO of this global PC giant, Gianfranco Lanci revealing the multi brand strategy of the company which also owns the Gateway, eMachines and Packard Bell brands in selling their products not only on the Acer and gateway brands but also across them. The event was interspaced with IMAX videos which contain enigmatic imagery to accentuate the slogans “Light as your time can be”. So what are the products which release for the first time in public by Acer? (more…)

Acer Aspire 11.6 Inch New Format Netbook

Thursday, April 9th, 2009


As we know, Acer Aspire is one of the most sold netbook in the market. If you think the 8.9 inch and 10.2 inch Netbook is too small for you, just check  this Acer Aspire 11.6 inch Netbook, that’s just announced by Acer.

Acer Aspire one 11.6 inch Netbook that has 2.5cm thik comes with an Intel Atom processor, Mobile Intel US15W Express Chipset, up to 2GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive. There’s Bluetooth, 3G, Dolby Pro Logic Sound and a multicard reader. It’s also got a 8-hour lifespan with a 6 cell 5200mAh battery. Available in four glossy colors – white, dark blue, red and black.

Via: Acer