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CTL IL1 7-inch Netbook

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

CTL IL1 7-inch netbook laptop offer a fully functional hardware and software ultra-mobile laptop solution in an increadibly compact and value priced package. Built on power saving architecture with a Via mobile processor; integrated Wi-Fi; a 4 GB flash drive while weighing less than 3 pounds they are a compelling alternative to a traditional full sized laptop at school, in the house or when traveling. Ultraportables or netbooks as Intel is wont to call them, are officially a dime a dozen now, but an upcoming model, the IL1 from CTL (who’s making the Classmate 2) looks like it might shake up the market, at least a bit, if being the cheapest thing around is the bottom line. A 1GHz Via processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB SSD or 60GB HDD plus an SD card reader, with Linux or Windows XP. The screen’s Eee-sized, an LED-backlit 7-inch LCD, all for “less than $350.” It’s also got less of a kiddie or toy-look to it than either the Classmate or Eee PC, which might be a selling point for CTL IL1 7-inch netbook laptop suits.