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Intel Breaks Down the Line of 4-16 GB Notebook SSD

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

unboxing-hps-pavilion-dv2Base on the TG Daily, Intel has broken down the line of Z-P230 PATA solid-state drives. The SSD drives that has launched last summer were specifically made for portable and valuable desktop systems like netbooks and nettops. Both of them produce in capacity between 4 GB and 16 GB.

You know that SSD has 1.8 inches hard drive; four times smaller than the standard size. It is so beneficial since it doesn’t need a high power to be operated. The cheaper price of Z-P230 than the Z-P140 of MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) company is really amazing. You only need to expense less than 15 dollars for the 4 GB versions, less than 25 dollars for the 8 GB and less than 45 dollars for the 16 GB. (more…)